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I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and have lived in NYC since 1999. I have a degree from the University of Cincinnati. I am also an actor and have been fortunate to have performed in 7 Broadway shows so far in that career. It's this work that has also given me a great understanding of the business and working with people, thus fueling my photography career. 


Ever since I was young, I have had a fascination with cameras and photography. I can't remember not having some sort of camera in my life.  Capturing life through the lens is a lifelong passion of mine!


My wife and I have 2 beautiful children that keep us going everyday. They are all the true inspiration for everything I do in my life!!

Our Shoot

I always say that shooting with someone is a collaborative effort. We will work together as a TEAM to get the best images possible for you. I want to get to know my clients so I can capture the best side of you. We will take the time to discuss the clothing that will work with different backgrounds and lighting options. I want you to have fun and feel comfortable while creating with me!